Wear Resistant Plate

Abrasion Resistant Steel also know as Wear Resistant Steel is used majorly in areas where there is likely to be a high degree of wear or abrasion of the steel plate. The key quality for wear or abrasion resistant steel is their hardness. These steels have a high Brinell Hardness (HB rating) and are intended for applications where abrasion or wear resistance is utmost important.

Abrasion resistance is a property which allows a material to resist wear. Materials which are abrasion resistant are useful for situations in which mechanical wearing and damage can occur, including delicate applications such as the construction of space shuttle components.

Numerous companies manufacture abrasion resistant products for a variety of applications, including products which can be custom fabricated to meet the needs of specific users.

When a product has abrasion resistance, it will resist erosion caused by scraping, rubbing, and other types of mechanical wear. This allows the material to retain its integrity and hold its form. This can be important when the form of a material is critical to its function, as seen when moving parts are carefully machined for maximum efficiency. Abrasion resistant materials can be used for both moving and fixed parts in settings where wearing could become an issue.

There are a number of ways to make a material resistant to abrasion. One option is to utilize a special coating which creates a hardened layer over the material and resists friction. Some materials are also naturally extremely hard, and are ideal for settings in which abrasion resistance will be desirable. Other materials can be specifically formulated for increased hardness, as seen in plastics facilities which manufacture abrasion resistant plastics with the use of chemicals which harden and strengthen the plastic.



  • Durability and safety of structures and equipment
  • Extends the life of plant, machinery and constructions working.
  • Reduces the maintenance costs associated with wear and breakdown of plant.

Crushers, sievers, feeders, measuring pockets, skips, cutting edges, conveyors, buckets, knives, gears, Sprockets, dump trucks, loaders, industrial trucks, Lorries, bulldozers, excavators, slurry pipe systems, screw, conveyors, presses etc